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The MCP Lunch Club

 “Demonstrable Results”

In 2006, Murdock Capital Partners Corp., a 21 year old Corporate Advisory and Merchant Banking firm, introduced a new Capital Markets Advisory service: The MCP Lunch Club, a bi-monthly luncheon held in a private dining room at one of New York City’s most prestigious private clubs, The Union League Club.

The event is by invitation only to select small capitalization public companies that merit the interest of a top-notch audience of retail brokers, money managers, industry analysts, high net worth individuals and hedge fund operators.  The meeting is held in an unrestricted but carefully monitored setting between the relatively unknown presenting public Company and investors that possesses the ability to take meaningful stock positions in such entities.  Only companies that possess a solid fundamental story are invited to present, and attendees are carefully screened.  The result is a positive and productive meeting for all involved.

Pertinent information about the presenter is in the hands of interested attendees in advance of the luncheon date, and a detailed screening process instituted by MCP prior to the luncheon is effected to insure that the audience is both well informed and sincerely interested in hearing management’s presentation and remarks.  The actual presentation will have been thoroughly vetted by MCP prior to the meeting, creating a cogent, concise and thorough overview of the Company.

The MCP Lunch Club charges an all inclusive fee of $7,500 and presenting companies may participate only every four to six months after the initial presentation.  MCP will provide the company with a list of attendees prior to the event and their comments within a week after the meeting.  In addition, MCP will supply the company with a web link to the MCP web site for one year. Should both the presenting company and MCP determine to enter into a formal Capital Markets Advisory contract, a portion of the luncheon price will be applied to the contract compensation.

Companies that have recently made presentations include: Standard Metals Processing (SMPR:OTC), Largo Resources (LGO:TSX), and Focus Graphite (FMS:TSXv).

If you are a serious investor in compelling smaller capitalization companies, or a person in a position of authority of an undiscovered public company, please contact us to learn how you can participate in the MCP Lunch Club.

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