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Merchant Banking

Murdock Capital Partners Corp. (Murdock Capital) is a private merchant banking firm providing corporate finance and financial advisory services.  Murdock Capital acts as financial intermediary and principal for small and medium size companies and provides business counsel on a company's finances, including mergers and acquisitions, public and private financing, management buyouts and corporate divestitures.  Murdock Capital’s professionals create significant value for their client companies by acting in a multi faceted capacity as financial partners and strategic advisors.  Our preferable transactions are $3 million to $50 million; however situations that require up to $200 million for later stage companies are well within our purview. 
Merchant Banking 
Acting as principals and working with a substantial number of institutions, fund managers, venture capital firms and high net worth individuals, Murdock Capital arranges investments in small and medium size companies.  Our goal is to provide expansion and acquisition financing to facilitate the growth strategies of successful managers.  For the past fifteen years, we have remained committed to our objective of identifying, investing in and funding well managed companies that demonstrate the potential for substantial long-term growth.  Our knowledge and experience in formulating corporate strategy including marketing, strategic alliances and business management greatly increases the probability of our clients’ success.  We are adept at due diligence, market research, competitive analyses, and financial structuring for the fundings we undertake.
For bridge, mezzanine, or other capital requirements, Murdock Capital accesses a variety of sources of capital and has successfully raised funds for a number of firms on specially structured terms, including PIPES (Private Investments in Public Equities transactions), Private Placements, Secondary Offerings, Initial Public Offerings, management buyouts and private equity financings.
Murdock Capital has developed a national and international network of investment and private banks, money managers, institutional investors, non-bank lenders and leveraged buyout groups.  We review and refine the company’s business plan and corporate strategy; management, recruiting, and marketing strategies are also defined.  Financial controls and financing needs with the goal of placement of equity and/or debt and/or obtaining partnering or distribution agreements are also thoroughly delineated. 
Murdock Capital can prepare private company stock valuations, fairness opinions, and independent valuations required for option or warrant exercise, or corporate acquisition.  We also provide fairness opinions for proposed merger transactions and divestitures.  
Going Public 
Assessing and accessing the public equity market requires special attention to two fundamental issues:  

  1. Maximizing values and the selection of the appropriate investment venue.  
  2. Murdock Capital's important relationships with numerous investment banking firms, NASDAQ market makers, the NYSE and AMEX specialist firms, is an invaluable asset in an Initial Public Offering endeavor.   Utilization of RTO’s and public company shells is often viable alternatives, and Murdock Capital has broad experience and familiarity with all aspects of these types of transactions.

Industry Focus 
Our core expertise is in oil and gas, natural resources, biotech, life science, healthcare, information technology, agriculture/agri-Chemical, food and food services and basic manufacturing and business services.  We also have experience in domestic and international high growth situations, both private and public, that fall outside of our traditional industry categories.  
Global Reach 
Through its affiliations and contacts throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Murdock Capital can provide financial and marketing services to companies worldwide.  Special emphasis and extensive experience in Latin America and ASEAN countries is of particular significance.