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Murdock Capital Advisory

Henry Ford has several times sneered at "unproductive stockholders"... Well, now. Let's see. Who made Henry Ford's own automobile company possible? The stockholders who originally advanced money to him. Who makes it possible for you and me to be carried to and from business by train or street car? Stockholders... Who made our vast telephone and telegraphy service possible? Stockholders... Were stockholders all over the country to withdraw their capital from the enterprises in which they are invested, there would be a panic... on a scale never before known.

~ B.C. Forbes

MURDOCK CAPITAL PARTNERS CORP. (Murdock Capital) has a long history of successfully performing an integral function of every public company's business: Corporate/Financial Relations. While encompassing the traditional role of investor relations, especially with publicly held companies, Murdock Capital is cognizant that most companies require a more comprehensive approach to their corporate public status and is uniquely positioned to effectively implement a cohesive strategy.

A complete financial relations effort requires the appropriate interface with institutional and retail investors and a thorough knowledge of Full Disclosure and Sarbanes Oxley issues. Murdock Capital’s extensive background in corporate finance, banking, investment banking, securities, sales, research/analysis and marketing provides an in-depth understanding of all related issues and serves as a direct link to Wall Street and the investing public. Murdock Capital has the knowledge, experience and information base to address the most complex issues and questions concerning financial relations.

Corporate Capital Markets Advisory

The greatest source of value to Wall Street is information, which is the force that drives the stock market. Providing consistent information to the investor is a major determinant in maximizing corporate and shareholder's value. As a company evolves, it must effectively communicate its performance. The proper, legal dissemination of all news to its principal financial audience results in confidence and consistency in the markets.

Murdock Capital understands the importance of strategic communication and can skillfully articulate the dynamics of the company to the capital markets, financial institutions and the financial press. Murdock Capital’s distinct ability to identify and attract the appropriate institutional and retail investors is crucial in positioning our clients with an appropriate audience. Murdock Capital designs a specific program and definitive objectives and goals for each of our clients.

Murdock Capital excels in the critical areas of writing and/or editing all communications to shareholders, information letters, quarterly and annual reports, development of investor information brochures and pamphlets. Scheduling of meetings for management with high quality money managers, research analysts and other influential people in the investment community creates and maintains viable and long-term interests in our client companies. Communicating appropriate information in a constructive and consistent manner translates directly to the appreciation of the company's market value.

Defining an appropriate corporate message ensures that each client's distinctive image is clearly perceived and communicated. Murdock Capital’s ability to translate our client's performance and developments into noticeable and newsworthy information is important to corporate positioning strategy. Effectively demonstrating the value of our client's products and services to the leading financial markets and important investors is essential to image enhancement and corporate perception.